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The world we live in is being preserved one picture at a time through my photography.

My pictures represent everyday things, such as landscapes, seascapes and cityscapes, which are sometimes taken for granted and/or mistreated. In every picture, I am able to capture the scene in a moment that time will never give back, and quite possibly a moment that mother earth might never be able to restore, if not cared for. I shoot to capture parts of our earth that tell us a story of changing climates and landscapes.

With confidence my pictures will show people the beautiful gift we have all been given, and must preserve. Each photo represents a season, reason, and journey. A season that has come and gone, a reason that brought us to where we are, and a journey that allows us all to share in understanding our world, through my images. The goal of my photos is not only to show people the beautiful world we live in, but to help all people appreciate our precious gift. May we all continue to care for, restore and flourish mother earth one picture, one belief, and one action at a time.



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